KŠD ECONOMIC a.s., was established as the affiliate company of the law firm KŠD LEGAL to further expand advisory services and increase the convenience of our clients, it is the youngest corporate member of the KŠD GROUP, nevertheless, it has the history of success and extensive experience on the market of tax, economic, and accounting consultancy services, as it was established on the basis of transformation from the part of an enterprise of the company JConsult Economic Service s.r.o. that has already been on the market since 1992.

KŠD ECONOMIC focuses on consultancy services in the areas of tax, accounting, and payroll, as well as on economic and corporate advisory services.

Clients of the whole KŠD GROUP have a unique opportunity to take advantage of consultancy services in all areas of economics with legal support. We can provide all clients of the law firm KŠD LEGAL with tax and economic consultancy services with the well-coordinated team of tax and economic advisors and accountants.

Experience the comfort of full service of a “one-stop shop” – the KŠD GROUP will provide you with complex legal, tax, and accounting solutions!

We are looking forward to meeting you and cooperating with you!

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