About Us

The history of the KŠD GROUP started in the 1990’s, the association of renowned Prague attorneys-at-law, with the name Klein Šubrt Došková, was very successful on the market with legal services at that time, and our business name “KŠD” refers to this entity. On 1 January 1999, this association of attorneys-at-law was transformed to a legal entity that is currently conducting its activities with the business name KŠD LEGAL advokátní kancelář s.r.o., and the law firm focuses on the provision of advice in all areas of law. In 2006, the Slovak branch of the law firm, KŠD LEGAL advokátská kancelária s.r.o,, became the member of the group. In 2007, in order to provide more complex services to our clients, the company KŠD ECONOMIC a.s. became the last member of the KŠD GROUP. KŠD ECONOMIC focuses on advisory services provided in the areas of tax, accounting, and payroll, as well as economic and business consultancy, this entity was established on the basis of the transformation of an enterprise of the company JConsult Economic Service s.r.o. that has already been on the market since 1992.

All clients of KŠD LEGAL enjoy benefits of the complete portfolio of services that have been provided for more than twenty years by the individual members of the KŠD GROUP, legal services of the Czech and Slovak law firm KŠD LEGAL and tax consultancy and other services of KŠD ECONOMIC, and our clients have a unique opportunity to take advantage of complex services provided by the well-coordinated team of this “one-stop shop”. This business model not only saves cost and time, but it also increases the total added value of solutions provided.

KŠD LEGAL is actively participating in a number of projects in support of national representatives in sports – such as Olympic medallists and world champions, such as a sculler Ondřej Synek and a kayaker Josef Dostál or a promising motorbike racer Filip Salač, KŠD LEGAL is also a partner to handball in Brno within the support of the club SKKP Handball Brno, z.s., etc.

KŠD LEGAL is also a partner of the Zlatý oříšek Endowment Fund that, already since 1998, has been focused on searching and supporting exceptionally gifted and purposeful children and children’s collectives in the Czech Republic from 6 to 14 years old.