Pro bono

The important part of activities of KŠD GROUP is also the involvement and cooperation in the area of corporate social responsibility and activities to help civil society development. These activities are implemented primarily through KŠD LEGAL.

The principle of the idea Pro bono publico – abbreviated as “Pro bono” – is the improvement of affordability of legal services to individuals and interest associations through professional help without receiving any remuneration. The collocation legal aid is not only an empty phrase, but a real obligation to help persons or organisations that would not be able to afford the legal representation in the particular case. We start working on Pro bono cases always after considering the specific circumstances and individual conditions of the relevant case. As an example, without receiving any remuneration, KŠD LEGAL represented an orphan in a proceeding on compensation for damage caused whose mother was killed as a result of a criminal act committed by a drunk driver.

KŠD LEGAL is actively participating in a number of projects in support of national representatives in sports – such as Olympic medallists and world champions, such as a sculler Ondřej Synek and a kayaker Josef Dostál or a promising motorbike racer Filip Salač, KŠD LEGAL is also a partner to handball in Brno within the support of the club SKKP Handball Brno, z.s., etc. KŠD LEGAL is also a partner to the football club SK Milín.

KŠD LEGAL is a partner of the Zlatý oříšek Endowment Fund that, already since 1998, has been focused on searching and supporting exceptionally gifted and purposeful children and children’s collectives in the Czech Republic from 6 to 14 years old.

KŠD LEGAL also supports colleagues from the Faculty of Law of Charles University with the initiation and sponsorship of the prof. Jiří Švestka Prize to gifted students of civil law.

KŠD LEGAL provides financial support to the Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology of the Motol University Hospital and to the Andělská křídla naděje endowment fund, which helps to severely ill children, suffering from seirous and long-term illnesses, and to children with disabilities.

KŠD LEGAL also supports the Kaplicky Centre Foundation that conducts activities related to education and culture aimed at the improvement of aesthetic assessment of life values of the general public. The main purpose of the foundation is the development, support, and promotion of architecture and modern art primarily in connection with the legacy of the Kaplický family.